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Dev Diaries #11 - Good Days

September 2nd 2021 2:26pm — Fred Toms, Programmer / Project Management - @Tommy2Doors

Today is a good day for SPECTRE. After a bit of patience, a lot of luck and a ton of hard work, we've been lucky enough to be featured on IGN. In a really great article written by Ryan McCaffrey, one of the hardest working IGN editors there is.

He saw the saw the same potential in SPECTRE that you all see, except he happens to work for one of the largest gaming media sites on the planet. We were fortunate enough that he took it upon himself to provide SPECTRE with some exposure. With this exposure, it'll assist us in ensuring that we provide you the version of SPECTRE that so many of you have told us that you've been waiting for since 2005. With this exposure, it'll assist us in ensuring that SPECTRE is the best damn game it can be, full stop. And damn if that doesn't just put a smile right across my face! More to come everybody, stay tuned! I'm so proud of our SPECTRE community, and we couldn't do any of it without YOU.


"Spectre Aims to Be the Splinter Cell Game That Ubisoft Won't Make"— IGN

- Fred

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