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Dev Diaries #24 - World's Best Player

May 11th 2023 4:20pm — A Devlog by Fred Toms, Programmer - @Tommy2Doors

Our initial small team of testers have started the testing process, and boy, have they kept us busy. We’ll be opening up testing to more and more people as we stabilize and iron out a few bugs. I played a few rounds last night with some of the testing team… I’ll speak for myself when I say that I had a blast – I was laughing like an absolute maniac through most of it. I played with @Mr.Jay and he absolutely destroyed me. The best moment last night was when he out-played the crap out of me.

Picture this:

We’re in the middle of the Reapers Headquarters, and I’m at an objective. He is a Reaper and I’m a Spectre. I’m playing it cool – I’ve got my camo activated and I’m about to hack the planet for the big W. I see @Mr.Jay come stomping into the room where I’m busy hacking the objective. He is clearly not fooled by my camo and immediately whips a Molotov at me – I managed to escape with a bit of health, and as I turned a corner, I ran smack dab into one the mines he had placed. He chased me right into his own trap, and I was exploded to smithereens. It was hilarious and so well played. It then occurred to me that @Mr.Jay is the best Spectre player on the planet right now. Another highlight of the evening was in Frostbite – I thought I had been seen by a Reaper, but I quickly proned out behind a cement barrier and activated my camo. The reaper walked right past me, mere inches away from my still body. It was intense and exhilarating. My cockiness got the best of me and I was quickly shot to pieces as I got up and attempted a neck grab, but I had loads of fun all the same.

Both highlighted moments of the evening demonstrate that Spectre’s map and game design, when combined with the ingenuity of human players, form a solid cohesion that causes some really cool gameplay moments to emerge in some pretty amazing ways. Development continues. We are on track for release this summer.

We’re still working through some bugs, for sure, but the vast majority of it is stable, reliable and…. fun!

Thanks for sticking in,

Fred Toms

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