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Press release re: 'Spectre - Trailer #2 Released'

"SPECTRE's new trailer shows that Symbiosis Games is making the game that Ubisoft refuses to"

"SPECTRE's brand of 'Spies Vs Mercs' inspired stealth-action gameplay aims to thrill fans of competitive multiplayer games"


Toronto, Canada- June 18th 2021 - Toronto-based developer Symbiosis Games has set out to make the game that Ubisoft refuses to - a 'Spies Vs Mercs' style competitive multiplayer stealth action game inspired by Splinter Cell's mid-2000's glory days.


SPECTRE's second trailer, now available on YouTube, shows off the studio's debut title which shines light on the Spectre's counter enemy character known as the Reaper.


Heavily armed and hungry to hunt down infilitrating Spectres, the Reaper character is played in the first person perspective. This style of play is balanced against the more stealth oriented Spectres who are played in the third person perspective and are thereby granted a greater sense of spatial awareness.


SPECTRE was announced in January 2021 and will release within the same calendar year via Steam.


Fred Toms - Co-Founder

Symbiosis Games

(905) 550 - 3154




Symbiosis Games announces their debut title 'SPECTRE'- an intense multiplayer stealth experience

"SPECTRE aims to deliver an unparalleled online thrill for players who crave competition, teamwork and unrelenting action




Toronto, Canada- January 29th 2021 - Toronto-based developer Symbiosis Games today announced their debut title 'SPECTRE', an Unreal Engine multiplayer stealth action game due to launch in 2021 for PC.


'SPECTRE' is a game where players will take turns controlling two very different teams: the 'Spectres' and the 'Reapers'. The 'Spectres' are a stealth-based, acrobatic class who are tasked with quietly infilitrating compounds and stealing top-secret data. To stop them dead-in-their tracks are the player-controlled 'Reapers', best described as heavily armed deadly mercenaries equipped with explosives and traps.


Symbiosis Games, co-founded by two life-long best friends, set out to craft a gaming experience that mirrored their friendship: a symbiotic relationship where each friend relies on the other for constant support and guidance. From this concept, 'SPECTRE' was born - a tightly designed multiplayer experience where teamwork is essential to players' success and enjoyment.


"Some of our fondest gaming memories include games that allowed us to work co-operatively towards a goal, or defeating a common enemy. We wanted to develop a game that has that keen sense of excitement and friendship, and also introduce a dash of our own personal touch to it. That's how we designed 'SPECTRE'." 

Fred Toms, Co-Founder of Symbiosis Games


With the global pandemic shuttering many people indoors, SPECTRE arrives at an unprecedented time in history to help people remain entertained and connected with friends through a unique online gaming experience.



Players will immerse themselves in our near-future sci-fi world, playing as both 'Spectres' and the 'Reapers'.

Gameplay between the teams varies wildly: 'Spectres', a collection of stealthy spies, are played in the third person perspective, offering a greater sense of spatial awareness. This is a key factor as they creep their way through tight quarters, attempting to remain completely undetected from anyone on the 'Reapers' team. The 'Spectres' purpose is to navigate themselves to various computer terminals spread out across the map, and steal the confidential corporate data contained within. They win the round by hacking the terminals.


The 'Reapers' exist to attempt to thwart the 'Spectres' from completing their objectives. The 'Reapers' are played in the first person perspective, and benefit from their heavy firepower designed to quickly end any Spectre member who may cross their path.


The typical game-mode is two Spectres versus two Reapers with timed matches. Players take turns playing as each side before determining the victor.



"The conflict between 'Spectres' and 'Reapers' awaits - wishlist 'SPECTRE' on Steam so you don't miss a thing! 


Fred Toms - Co-Founder

Symbiosis Games

(905) 550 - 3154

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