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Get in - Steal the data
Get out undetected

While a cutting-edge arsenal is beneficial, teamwork is your most valuable asset.

Work closely with your teammate to outsmart, outwit and neutralize the opposition.

You'll need to adapt and improvise, leveraging your arsenal and the environment to gain the edge over your enemies.
Failure, for either side, is not an option.

The SPECTRES are a covert unit of highly trained spies. They are adept at using stealth and misdirection to accomplish their objectives. Despite utilizing a non-lethal arsenal, the SPECTRES have been known to snap the necks of any unsuspecting REAPER operatives when the rare opportunity presents itself.

The REAPERS represent the heavily-armed and well-financed private military branch of Reaper Inc - an international corporate superpower that leverages their monopoly on an emerging energy source to maintain global control. They are keen on protecting these assets at all costs.

Failure, for either side, is not an option.


Spectre is an Action-Indie Stealth game, taking on a classic Spies vs. Mercs gameplay style. 

Release Date: July 24 2023

Symbiosis Games

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Employ stealth tactics as the Spectres, or defend your objectives as the heavily armed Reapers in this thrilling teamwork-driven multiplayer action experience!

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