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SPECTRE is a thrilling competitive multiplayer experience featuring a combination of first and third person action gameplay.

The SPECTRES are an anonymous organization of unknown origin. The members consist of highly trained, acrobatic spies who excel at stealthily infilitrating well-protected compounds, obtaining sensitive top secret data and escaping undetected.​

REAPERS, a well financed private military company, infamously only recruit the most skilled combatants from across the globe. They typically consist of former U.S. Marines who've abandoned 'Uncle Sam' in search of more bountiful compensation. The REAPERS are the heavily armed, lethal counter-measure for when the threat of a SPECTRE invasion looms.

Players will experience the intense action gameplay from both perspectives, relying on their teammates to provide cover from - or distract- the opposing team as they race against the clock to complete their objectives.

Failure, for both sides, is not an option.

The Spectre Icon for the Reaper Character


The reaper character with smoke in the background

The Edge System

Edges are abilities selectable by players at the start of matches in SPECTRE. They provide additional benefits to players if and when they are deployed.

But Edges also come with some rules…​

  • Edges are best described as ‘abilities’ unique to each side (ie: an Edge used by a Reaper is not available for use with Spectres)​

  • Edges are generally not defined by a particular piece of equipment. For example, an Edge is not a type of grenade or weapon.​

  • Edges are not selectively deployed using a specific button or key, and are instead passive bonuses.

  • Edge Symbiosis is achieved when all members of a team choose the same Edge. The Edge’s benefits are subsequently enhanced, or new benefits are introduced. For example, in Reflex Learning Conditioned, Reapers ADS speed is doubled. With Edge Symbiosis in effect, Reapers’ reload speed is also doubled.

Ohm's Naw

The Carbon Nanotube weave used to reinforce Reaper armor is coated with dipalmitoylethylhydroxyethylmonium methosulfate, partially negating electric charge when heated at the point of contact.​

The amount of time 'shocked' after being tased by Spectres is halved.​


In addition to the treated weave, the Reaper armor is fitted with capacitors throughout. Not only does this further reduce shock recovery time, but also stores part of the charge, that can be discharged for additional damage upon your next successful melee attack. The amount of time after being shocked a Reaper cannot be shocked again doubles.

The icon for Ohms Naw, a yellow Ohm symbol in a yellow circle.
The Spectre character from the game SPECTRE, surrounded by smoke

The Arsenal

In addition to our Edges, players can further tailor their loadouts to suit their unique playstyle.


Unlike Edges, Gadgets are deployable tools, that can serve as either an offensive or defensive asset. How you decide to deploy your arsenal is completely up to you.

Poison Mine

Apply this to any surface and keep your fingers crossed that some unsuspecting Spectre will trip the mine - then sit back and laugh as their health drains and they desperately try to find a nearby health station for an antidote!

The icon for Poison Mine gadget in the game SPECTRE, it looks like a skull with four dots  on square corners within a circle


Spectre is an Action-Indie Stealth game, taking on a classic Spies vs. Mercs gameplay style. 

Release Date: Coming Soon

Symbiosis Games
Two Reaper characters from the game SPECTRE, one is facing the camera, one is facing away.

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Employ stealth tactics as the Spectres, or defend your objectives as the heavily armed Reapers in this thrilling teamwork-driven multiplayer action experience!

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