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Symbiosis Games Inc. is an independent games studio based just outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada. It is helmed by two long-time friends who grew up playing video games.​ 

Hey I'm Fred, Co-Founder of Symbiosis Games along with my best friend Jordan! I'm the sole programmer on SPECTRE and have been a stealth gaming fan for as long as I can remember. Bringing our version of the stealth-action experience that the community has been sorely lacking for so long is a huge honour and an absolute pleasure. Hop onto our Discord community and reach out to me personally at Tommy2Doors to let me know what you think - good, bad, ugly or otherwise!

Hey I'm Jordan, Co-Founder of Symbiosis Games along with my best friend Fred! I'm the sole programm--


...Just kidding. lol I'm Jordan (the dreamer half of Symbiosis). I'm a father, motorcycle enthusiast, video game nerd, movie & music geek, admirer of all things pretty, and co-founder of Symbiosis Games alongside my best friend Fred! We've been working on SPECTRE for the last three years and are excited to contribute to the return of Stealth-Action Multiplayer! SO EXITED!!!1!

A black and white image of Jordan, the creative developer of Symbiosis, on his Motorcycle

Jordan Crawford
Co-Founder, Designer, Audio, UI, Website

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a close-up black and white portrait of Fred, the President and Lead Developer of Symbiosis games

Fred Toms

Co-Founder, Programmer, Cinematics

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Some facts and questions so you can get to know us better

Up until a few years ago, Fred and I lived on the same block, a short stumble from the other’s dwelling. I had moved a couple hours away, and Fred had an idea that would change the course of both of our lives. The invite came in the form of an instant message late one February night. "Do you wanna make a video game together?" Fred had worked on a handful of projects prior and I had no real game dev experience beyond some audio engineering and design work, but I accepted. He suggested making a game in the "Spies vs. Mercs" genre that had sparked our friendship decades before. SPECTRE is more than just a passion project, in a way it’s our story come full circle and we can’t wait to share it with you!
- Jordan

Fred and I are polar opposites. There’s a stark contrast in our tastes, attitudes, habits, perspectives, you name it. Fred is cautious, calculated, organized. As you can imagine, that makes me the fun one. Given any topic, I’d wager that we don’t agree on it (and probably never will).
When we started working on SPECTRE, we found that this trend extended to our skillsets. Fred was more experienced on the programming side of things (surprise, surprise) and I was stronger on the creative side of things. We’re strong in our respective aspects but could have never made something like SPECTRE a reality had we not combined our talents. Together we make some great things happen, and it’s been like that our entire friendship. Symbiosis.
- Jordan

This is actually a great story. The year was 2005. Fred and I worked together at a restaurant chain, but had never engaged in conversation that wasn’t about work. I was walking past the front of the restaurant and overheard Fred trying to chat up this hostess. The topic of discussion: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. My excitement overrode the bro code so I interjected and asked if he’s played it yet. From that moment, our friendship clicked. (For those wondering, I don’t think he ever got her number).
- Jordan

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