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Spectre - Trailer #2 Released

a Spectre and a Reaper stealth video-game character posed cinematically holding weapons in front of a large bold title font that spells out the word SPECTRE


"SPECTRE's new trailer shows that Symbiosis Games is making the game that Ubisoft refuses to"

"SPECTRE's brand of 'Spies Vs Mercs' inspired stealth-action gameplay aims to thrill fans of competitive multiplayer games"

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Toronto, Canada- June 18th 2021 - Toronto-based developer Symbiosis Games has set out to make the game that Ubisoft refuses to - a 'Spies Vs Mercs' style competitive multiplayer stealth action game inspired by Splinter Cell's mid-2000's glory days. SPECTRE's second trailer, now available on YouTube, shows off the studio's debut title which shines light on the Spectre's counter enemy character known as the Reaper. Heavily armed and hungry to hunt down infilitrating Spectres, the Reaper character is played in the first person perspective. This style of play is balanced against the more stealth oriented Spectres who are played in the third person perspective and are thereby granted a greater sense of spatial awareness. SPECTRE was announced in January 2021 and will release within the same calendar year via Steam. CONTACT INFORMATION Fred Toms - Co-Founder Symbiosis Games (905) 550 - 3154

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