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Dev Diaries #1 - Hello World

Feb 18th 2021 3:44pm — Fred Toms, Programmer - @Tommy2Doors

I'm a bit surprised neither @zsg or I have done a dev-log before — probably because we've been focused on the actual development of the game and interacting with the community, we haven't really gotten around to doing this.

Today had some ups and downs. We're far enough along in Spectre's development that a lot of the fun, cool things that we have been excited to make are already done, and implemented.... which leaves all the other things we've been putting off, the things that aren't all that cool or fun or exciting to make. Like programming UI / implementation.

So that was today. Programming a lot of UI.

But before that roller coaster of excitement, I started off the day with some bug squashing, specifically in relation to friendly fire and being able to cancel associated animations. I liaised with a contractor about a special post processing effect relating to the Reaper. Jordan and I also met together and designed something for one of our artists to start modelling, texturing. Highlight of the day was going on a voice call with the community while my wife and I went out for a walk around the neighbourhood. My wife power walks like a beast, so it was hard to keep up and not sound completely winded lol it's always great to actually speak with people and hear their voices and listen to how excited they are for Spectre. It really gave me the boost and motivation I needed after dealing with some a) boring programming and b) recently some pretty frustrating Discord server issues relating to toxic members. And that's so far that accounts for eight hours of my day. After making dinner and putting kids to bed, it'll be back to work. Probably more UI programming... yay....!

— Fred

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