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Dev Diaries #15 - ZAP! BOOM! POW!

June 27th 2022 11:38pm — Fred Toms, Symbiosis Games Inc - President, Co-Founder, Programmer, Etc. - @Tommy2Doors

Dev log time!

Tonight we released a video that describes some of SPECTRE's recent developments. That video is 20 minutes long, and out of an abundance of respect for peoples' time, I'll go on ahead and summarize the main points of that video here in text form.

Mike Knoop, the President and Co-Founder of Zapier (an amazing automation software company), has made an investment into Symbiosis Games.

This means:

  • The remainder of SPECTRE's development has been paid for. What does this mean to me as a fan? SPECTRE's visual/audio quality is going to go through the roof. The developers no longer have to fight with an empty bank account to continue development on SPECTRE. Additional requests that include hardware, such as ultra-wide and Steam Deck, are now a reality. The announcement video also features some of Spectre's brand-new original soundtrack. This quality of audio was, financially, impossible before. That high-level of audio is going to be applied in the same way to our visuals. Additionally, better net-code will be applied and more servers located internationally will be financed.

  • The developers have quit their boring real-life jobs and are now employed by Symbiosis Games Inc to work on SPECTRE full time. What does this mean to me as a fan? The developers' productivity is going to go through the roof. You are going to get SPECTRE in a better state, higher quality, and sooner. The SPECTRE devs will also be able to interact with the community on a more regular basis.

  • SPECTRE now has guaranteed post launch support. What does this mean to me as a fan? The developers will be able to quickly patch bugs / QA issues / anti-cheat issues on a full-time basis post launch to ensure the best damn stealth action experience absolutely possible. In addition, extra features including additional maps/modes, are in SPECTRE's future following launch.

Other things we hope to accomplish provided the investment:

  • a comic book-style manual that depicts the SPECTRE lore we have in our heads

  • attendance at PAX West 2022 - come and play SPECTRE with us and others!

  • and so, so much more.

The anticipation for this video was tangible, despite nearly everyone not knowing what the announcement actually entailed. Some people thought we were full-blown releasing SPECTRE, others thought we were releasing a gameplay trailer. In the end, neither were true. We are going to use this investment to ensure that SPECTRE blows your minds and solidifies itself as the go-to multiplayer stealth-action experience that aligns with what this community demands and expects. You all will enjoy SPECTRE for years to come given that we establish and maintain a healthy, substantial community-base to play with. Before providing any investment, Mike Knoop was able to watch our current gameplay trailer as well as an in-depth video that explores the majority of SPECTRE's features (many of which haven't been revealed). He also discussed with us our anti-cheat techniques and plans for SPECTRE's future. Satisfied with SPECTRE's development, he decided to move ahead with a substantial investment in the future of Symbiosis Games and SPECTRE. What Mike saw was good - what you're all going to see will be even better. We have a lot to share in the very near future!

Thanks for sticking in!

- Fred

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