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Dev Diaries #22 - GO Time

February 27th 2023 5:07am — A Devlog by Fred Toms, Programmer - @Tommy2Doors

As the kids say, it’s been a minute!

I’m not feeling overly talkative today, so I’ll just list in point form some thoughts and updates relating to our game SPECTRE:

  • We’ve hired a small development studio that specializes in the design of video game UI. They’ve completely replaced our character HUDs and are working through replacing the entirety of our UI, from the lobby menu to load-out menus. We’re currently implementing all the new UI assets - this is a huge endeavour.

  • We’ve finalized all the Gadget and Edge selections.

  • Spectre gadgets that have already been revealed include Smoke, EMP, Rigsy (Remote Intelligence Gathering Security Camera), Distraktor, and Flashbang. Many support new UI, new particles, additional functionality, etc.

  • Spectre gadgets that have not been announced, but have been finalized and implemented.

  • Reaper gadgets and edges have been finalized and implemented, many with new particles and supporting UI. They include Grenade, Sticky Mine, Gas Mask, Audio Detector. We have one gadget that is on the list that we have not started implementing yet.

  • Wall flip? Split Jump? Done.

  • Numerous bugs, animation issues, etc fixed.

  • Weather related effects. Won’t say too much more than that.

  • Revamped neck grab system. Haven’t had in fail once in our testing environment.

  • Breakable windows - Progression System is in place and, gleefully, limits your precious gadget choices, selection and quantity. Eat it.

  • … and a lot more.

I’ve been working a minimum of 12 hours each day to bring this to you, except on weekends when I work 9 hour days. We have a hard deadline for Spectre’s release in mind and we will meet it. We’re in the process of planning the start of a marketing campaign with a video game marketing company. This will drive the success of SPECTRE and ensure you all have lots of people to play with, and that we have the means to support SPECTRE post launch with more gadgets, edges, maps, features etc. etc. etc.

I’ll leave it there.

Interested in testing our early builds? Reach out to me via Discord and explain why.

We’re looking to hire: an experienced Character Animator (Blender) and Tech Artist, if you happen to be one or know one, reach out. (February, 2023)

Thanks for sticking in,


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