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Dev Diaries #5 - Bug Spray

March 17th 2021 3:59pm — Fred Toms, Programmer - @Tommy2Doors

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's been almost a month to-the-day since I made an appearance here, so I just knew everybody was itching for that tasty Spectre programming news.

The last week has been a mixture of ups and downs. Yesterday was essentially a collection of frustrations sparked by client-side bugs that appeared to crop up out of nowhere. It seems like, as development progresses, certain features suddenly break without warning or any explanation. And normally, they break without immediately being identified, which compounds the complexity of the solution. Yesterday I spent about 9 hours trying to debug why disk-drop off objective UI wouldn't appear on client-side players. The solution ended up having nothing to do with the UI and everything with how disk drop off objectives were assigned programmatically in the first place - an issue that didn't appear on server side during testing, and never presented any problems. So not only are bugs appearing seemingly out of the blue, for reasons unknown, but their symptoms also aren't always a clear indication of what the issue may be or what the resolution requires. And then fast forward to today. Some of our long-waited assets are starting to be delivered. After several discussions, we've agreed on functionality that brings sticky cam functionality into a much more 'modern' state, with a much cooler, sleeker implementation that may very well change their dynamic from how CT rolled it out.

Blocking out scenes for the Reaper reveal has been going great, albeit a lot slower than the Spectre reveal. Why? The Spectre trailer was made over about a month, as Jordan and I merrily drank our way towards the holidays. We never thought that only a month later we would have a community and a fan base. Now? It feels like the stakes are higher. It's not just Jordan, me and a fridge full of beer. It's all of you too. And so the notion of making any mistakes is terrifying.

- Fred

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