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Dev Diaries #8 - Taking it to the Edge

JUNE 2nd 2021 11:15pm — Fred Toms, Programmer / Project Management - @Tommy2Doors

I'll keep this a little briefer than my normal long-winded, droning ramblings. I'm pretty tired. We've been working tirelessly on Spectre (shocking, I know). The usual headaches are always present: people not producing working, people producing terrible work, the constant chasing of people, the repetition of checking people's work, preparing contracts... the list goes on and on. As does Spectre's development. As does the Reaper trailer. I forget if it was me or Jordan who promised at least a bit of something to show that progress is an actual thing. It is.

So here are a couple FPS Reaper gameplay gifs. They're recorded by me, playing a solo Reaper equipped with an SKS, in our very terribly lit Pawn test map (a map designed simply for testing new functionality). It doesn't show our Reaper model (other than arms), but it does show some of the basic things you can look forward to. Some basic stuff. So have a look. Be on the lookout for more regular updates (legit, promise, more frequent updates and Reaper trailer stuff):

Before I go, I wanted to touch on an aspect of our progression system called 'Edges':

Edges are unlock-able via our progression system and they provide enhancements to your Spectre / Reaper's performance. I don't want to reveal too many specifics yet, but for example, a 'Quick Aim' edge equipped to your Reaper will increase the speed at which you aim down the sights. Another edge might be that your stamina is increased; and if you and your partner equipped the same Edge, you experience an additional benefit called 'Symbiosis' - which increases the effects of both of your selected Edges. It's an exciting part of our progression system that we are looking to speak about more.

Talk soon ya'll.

- Fred

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