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Dev Diaries #16 - Hot off the Press

July 13th 2022 9:30pm — Fred Toms, Symbiosis Games Inc - President, Co-Founder, Programmer, Etc. - @Tommy2Doors

Dev log time! I respect your time, so I'll get straight to the point...


I heard y'all wanna play Spectre


Don't worry - we got you!

Hot off the press:

Mark October 3rd through October 10th 2022 in your calendar - SPECTRE will be participating in the Steam Next Fest!

During this time, you can access the SPECTRE demo and try it out during the digital gaming festival!

Don't want to wait that long? Cool. We got you there too.

We'll be appearing at PAX West in Seattle, September 2nd - 5th 2022 at the Seattle Convention Centre.

Come by in-person for cool SPECTRE giveaways, meet the development team and play SPECTRE!

BETA administered through our Discord will follow after that - and then it's launch time baby!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally. SPECTRE is coming.

Some Q's answered:

Q: What is Steam Next Fest?

A: Steam Next Fest is a digital game show that highlights upcoming, promising indie titles.

Q: What does the Steam Next Fest demo entail?

A: You will be able to access the SPECTRE demo, and play some 2v2 multiplayer online!

Q: What if there are things we don't like about the demo when we play it?

A: Awesome - we need this feedback! All feedback is a gift! Following the PAX / Steam demos, we will take the lessons learned and apply those changes to the Beta. Following the Beta is launch so let's get it right!

Q: How do I participate in the BETA?

A: Be a member of this Discord, participate regularly and positively, and reach out to one of the developers!

Q: What/When/Where/Who/What is PAX West?

A: PAX West 2022 is a gaming convention that will be held in Seattle, Washington Sept 2 - Sept 5 2022. During this show, Jordan and I will be hosting a booth. Come by, check us out for free swag, and play SPECTRE to give us your early opinion on our labour of love!

Thanks for sticking in!

- Fred

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