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Exciting News For Everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that SPECTRE will be launching in Early Access on July 24th, 2023.

After much deliberation, we've come to an important decision. We recognize that there's a communication gap between our Discord community and our broader audience, and we want to bridge that gap.

For those who are part of our Discord community, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support and engagement. The discussions about SPECTRE's development and future have been lively, informative, and fun.

However, we understand that many of our customers outside of Discord might not be aware of all the exciting plans we have in store for SPECTRE. We want everyone to know that the game will continue to evolve and improve well beyond its initial launch.

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come:

- Additional maps and game modes

- Continued patches based on feedback from the community regarding gameplay tweaks and balancing

- More weapons, gadgets and Edges

- Improved models, animations, and ongoing support and updates.

- Enhanced gameplay systems and better performance.

- A wide range of customization options, including cosmetics.

To ensure transparency and clarity, we have decided to shift the game's release to Early Access. This means that SPECTRE will continue to grow and evolve based on feedback and player input. We're committed to making SPECTRE the best it can be, with your valuable input.

For all our fans and customers, this change doesn't alter your experience or what you'll receive. It's merely a commitment from us to keep developing and refining SPECTRE for the long term.

If you're already part of our Discord community, you're well aware of the incredible journey we're embarking on. For others, we can't wait to share the excitement with you as we move forward.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the Early Access launch on Monday. We can't wait to see you all enjoying SPECTRE and shaping it together!


Symbiosis Games

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